Your Sense of Self: 2 Ways Your Pet Makes it Healthier



Whether you’re a cat lover or a dog adore-er, the same sentiment holds true: your pet generally is a part of the family that, for the most part, makes you happy.
There are, of course, moments of frustration when rugs inevitably get urinated on, but hey, many of us know well from experience that pets are a pleasing addition to the family.

Besides just making us happy, pets are really good for our health, according to WebMD. But it’s not just physical health: pets are crazy good for your Healthy Sense of Self, too. Not only do they make us feel good, but they have ways of helping us get in touch with our truest Selves.
Here are five reasons why having a pet is good for your Sense of Self:

begging dogs1. They indicate whether your Sense of Self is healthy or not. Let’s say Fido never listens when you ask him to “sit”. This could be an indication of a Lack of Sense of Self, in which case your pet is unable to sense you as his master so he doesn’t take your command seriously. Fido would definitely listen to you if your command was Directly Motivated and based on a sturdy foundation of you as a person. In both your own and your pet’s interest, it’s smart to pay attention to those listening cues and to draw your conclusions – not so much about your pet, but about your Self.

2. They’ll love you unconditionally…seriously. If there’s anything on this earth that’s an example of accepting someone for exactly who they are, it would be displayed by the endless loyalty of a pet. All of the things considered “quirks” by others (like your messy eating habits, if you have them) are simply normal, if not super, duper great, in the eyes of your pooch. Accepting and loving yourself is one of the largest components to having a Healthy Sense of Self. It is not only good for yourself but good for your pets as well, because pets like you better when you love your self. It makes them happy too!

An important note: having a pet is beneficial in all of these ways if, and only if, the family who takes it in are able to properly care for it. Please remember that when you take home a pet, it’s for life.

Antoinetta Vogels Antoinetta Asks: Do you see yourself as a pet? Pets thrive on approval and they prefer not to be their own master. You know why: because they are pets. Human beings are not pets, and to thrive they need to be their own boss. The moment they have to anxiously look up to somebody in their life to get the approval of having done the right thing, they are dependent. We do not want human beings to grow up unhealthily dependent on approval of others. Free yourself from the addiction of approval, be yourSelf so you can be what your pet needs: his master.

For more about how to maintain a Healthy Sense of Self, check out the Healthy Sense of Self book and the Healthy Sense of Self Help! Course.

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