7 Things That Happen When You Have a Healthy Sense of Self

What’s so great developing a strong sense of Self and living as your true Self? Isn’t that just for 20-somethings and new-age hippies?

Not quite . . . understanding yourself is one of the most powerful tools you could ever harness. It leads to success, happiness, fulfillment, and much more.

At Healthy Sense of Self, we’ve made it quite clear what our mission is: helping you discover or re-discover your truest self and live your life in a way that is reflective of that Self.

7 things that happen when you have a Healthy Sense of Self

sense of self

You consciously make your own decisions.

Having a Healthy Sense of Self means knowing what you truly want and being able to pursue those desires on a consistent basis, regardless of outside influences. Antoinetta Vogels put it best in the Healthy Sense of Self book when she wrote: “In order to be, I do not have to do; in order to do, I first have to be….” People who have a Healthy Sense of Self consciously choose to do what their own Being truly wants to do, which leads to our next point . . . ”

You understand why you made those decisions.

The above quote from the book continues with: “. . . then I have the choice of doing or not doing. My Being is no longer completed by or dependent on any Doing.” As we free ourselves for our dependency on outside influences, we learn to truly see and understand the reasons behind our actions. With the roadblocks no longer in our line of sight, our true intentions become clearer.

You sleep well.

The entire Healthy Sense of Self Method was created by a need to find restful sleep each and every night no matter what the day has thrown at us. It is only with the understanding of our own self that we able to put the worries of the day behind us.

Not being dependent on the outcome of our activities or on what others think allows us to “Feel-good-about-ourselves” so we can let things go. Tomorrow is another day in which we can fix what’s wrong, whether that’s in terms of our health, relationships or job.

Your relationships will improve.

Ever feel that intense tension while visiting family during Christmas when a sibling brings up a past argument? It happens to the best of us. But rest assured that when you become more conscious of all of the decisions you make you will be able to think more clearly in heated moments, improving your relationships with those around you.

Restored Sense of Self

Your past doesn’t dictate your future.

By gaining a Restored Sense of Self we are able to make decisions that do not revolve around things that occurred in our lives in the past. With insight on where your motifs to do or avoid certain things stem from, bad experiences no longer have the power to suffocate our day to day lives.

You solve your own problems.

Been going to therapists for years with no avail? That’s because there’s no one who will ever be able to get to the root of any issues in your life other than you. With a healthy Sense of Self, you’ll be able to see those roots more clearly than ever before and take action in favor of your self.

You help create a better world.

Having a Healthy Sense of Self improves one’s own quality of life, which affects the way that person treats all others they come into contact on a daily basis.

By teaching others about the Healthy Sense of Self Method we are creating a ripple that will continue to spread its influence everywhere it travels . . .

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