Three Ways to Combat Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction

Between cell phones, laptops, tablets and now even smart watches, we literally carry technology with us at all times, and it’s starting to cause some serious problems.

In 2008, the American Journal of Psychiatry posted an editorial suggested that Internet addiction be included in the next Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), “the so-called Bible of the psychiatry,” according to the New Yorker. However, despite this recommendation, there still seems to be a lack of awareness about the addiction which clearly so many of us could easily be subject to, so, we’re here to help.

Here’s What You Can Do About an Internet Addiction

Despite it’s downsides and addictive qualities, we do know that using the internet is helpful and often absolutely necessary for work, school and a busy life in general. That’s why Dr. Kimberly Young, psychologist and Internet addiction expert, suggests that we think of regulating our digital usage the way you would regulate your eating habits: by setting limitations and making better choices.

Her Ted Talk, titled What You Need to Know about Internet Addiction, provides listeners with three tips as to how to combat internet addiction:

  1. Check your checking.
  2. Set time limits.
  3. Disconnect to reconnect.

Listen to the talk now to learn more about how Internet addiction from Dr. Young:

You can find this TedTalk along with some other great videos on internet addiction around the world featured in a recent article about all forms of digital addiction. Check it out here.

For more help coping with an Internet addiction or any other form of dependency, take a look at the Healthy Sense of Self book.

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