Improve the World by Restoring your Sense of Self

What a great concept:
Investigate why you are so needy or controlling –
Find out what lies at the root of it –
Poke through the perceived dependencies on what WE thought is going to give us what we need to be happy-
Restore our sense of Self

By doing so, we not only contribute to becoming a happier and healthier person, but it makes the world a better place:
less quarrels because you are not so needy –
more room to disagree because we have the guts to let others be who THEY are,
less jealousy because we already have what it takes to be ourselves,
less greed for the same reason,
less violence because we do not have to be right at all cost,
less suicide because we know that our lives ultimately matter only for ourselves and
less war because we value others as we value ourselves and
we are aware that we all already have what it takes to be our selves so why would we want what others have?

Would that point of departure not be worth giving a try? Let us start working on our self and restore our sense of Self!

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  1. Deborah Drake on October 22, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    I can say that the approach you champion to improving the world (as I live it) IS working for me and helping me as a mother of a growing young woman.

    The perceived dependencies on what WE think is going to bring us to a happy state start so young.

    I am reminded of my own struggles to belong, be accepted and fit in as my own middle school age daughter tells me of her young heart’s desire: to have a place at the lunch table saved for her by her friends. Some of us (adults) might say, what is the big deal?

    Feeling left out: if we care about it like most of us do (if only a while); the impact of being left out or feeling included stays with us for decades.

    The Antidote at any and every age is having a Healthy Sense of Self.

    • Antoinetta on October 23, 2012 at 3:45 pm

      Thank you Deborah for understanding and implementing the SoS Method.

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