6 Tips For Sending Kids Back to School Stress-Free

Back to School

The end of August means two things: pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks, and kids are heading back to the classroom. The latter of the two tends to be just a little more stressful.

The process can be made easier with just a touch of preparation, however. To help make your family’s transition as smooth as possible, here are 6 tips for sending your kids back to school:

Get back on schedule early.

About a week before school starts, begin having kids go to bed and wake up at the time they will for school. Getting everyone’s circadian rhythms back on track will make the transition process that much easier, and we’re all for fewer grumpy kids in the morning.

Acknowledge any insecurities and soothe them.

If your child is feeling nervous about heading back to school, don’t brush their fears off. Do your best to understand how your child is feeling and offer helpful suggestions and show it. You might mention that there are probably lots of kids who feel nervous, or even tell your child about your own first day of school experiences.

Teach your child how to respond to bullies.

Just like their insecurities, your child’s bullies won’t disappear if you ignore them. Inform your child of ways to stand up for his or her self should any bullies arise. Letting kids know that it’s OK to say “I want you to stop doing that to me” or ask “why would you say that to me” is a great place to start. Inform your kids that they should always tell an adult if and when they encounter bullying.

Before going school supplies shopping, look to see what you already have.

School supplies expenses can add up fast, and that certainly contributes to the stress parents feel as children head back to school. Before buying more than you need, check to see if you have folders, binders, back-packs, and even markers that can be re-used. It’s a simple money-saving and stress-reducing trick, but it’s also one we tend to overlook.

Make time to check in.

Schedule times to check in with your child daily or weekly to make sure they are doing OK with the transition. As you remember, going back to school can be intimidating and talking about what happens there with parents isn’t always the most natural thing to do. Now you are the parent! Make it a point to ensure your child you are available to actively listen to any of their issues and be sure to offer a helping hand when the time is right. Your child’s sense of self will benefit greatly from your efforts!

Make time to check out.

After you schedule that time with your child, make sure to schedule some time with your self. Take 30 minutes to do something that you love: read a chapter of that book you’ve been meaning to finish, take a bath, take a walk alone or just spend some time meditating in the peacefulness of a quiet room or outdoor patio. In order to keep your kids stress-free, you must be stress-free. Self-care is absolutely vital to maintaining peace both in yourself and your children during trying times.

We hope that your family’s transition back to school goes as seamlessly as possible! Here’s to a school year with less stress and more peace that develops everyone’s sense of self.
For more information on how to develop your sense of self and your child’s, take a look at the Sense of Self Method.


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