Sense-of-Self Help! About the Online Course!

What is the Healthy Sense of Self Online Course?

Sense-of-Self Help! is a nine-week online training program designed to help you:

  • Restore your Sense of Self.
  • Break free from the need to please others and get their approval.
  • Develop the necessary skills to become your own independent person.

You’ll learn to understand:

  • Why things are not working for you, why you do not get your desired results.
  • What you have to do to make things better.
  • How to work your way to a new, healthier direction and live from your own head and heart.

Staying true to your Self can be incredibly challenging. We’re here to guide you through a step-by-step program and get you in touch with who you truly are.

Simple Steps to Get You Connected to Yourself

treasure-Island-map-open-sourceOur goal is to help you shed light on your early childhood so you can rediscover the things that influenced your development and learn about how they affect you in the present. As you work your way through this course, you will get connected to your Self and come face to face with who you really are. This program is deeply personal and psychological, but it is delivered in a succinct, easy-to-implement way so you won’t be overwhelmed.

This is a course you could do over and over again; you’ll continue to peel back the onion-like layers of your psyche, while growing quickly as the independent and autonomous person you have the right to be.

Whether you are struggling with deeply personal issues, or you just want to get to know yourself better, the Sense-of-Self Help course will give you everything you need to get connected with your Self and recover from past experiences and decisions. Try something new! A better future is waiting.

Discover all of the good reasons to take the Sense-of-Self Help Online Course!

Before I started to investigate my own motivations I was like a buoy on an ocean of events: totally at the mercy of what happened around me and in me. I was stuck in reaction mode. When things didn’t go my way I would blow up and blame the world and everyone in it.

Writing my book saved me from all that negativity. Reading my book still brings me back to who I am deep down inside. It reminds me that I am a living person, just like everybody else, that there is nothing wrong with me, and that I don’t really need to have things just so!

If you follow the path I am laying out for you here, you will soon find that you are able to make different choices that will lead to different outcomes. Your quality of life will improve as long as you stay on this path! Here’s all you need to do:

  • Set aside 15 – 20 minutes every day.
  • Sign up for the Sense-of-Self Help Online Course.
  • Be determined to give it your all as you work your way through the course so you can start enjoying the many benefits of healing your Sense of Self. Get rid of unwanted conditioning that keeps leading to the same unwanted results. Become your very own person and get the results you want!

That’s it!

Are you ready to get out of your own way? Are you ready to step out of the prison of living up to other people’s needs and expectations? Are you ready to finally be in charge of your life and your Self?

This course is both a first step toward getting there and a lasting resource to prevent you from slipping back into old habits. It is tough to take charge of your Self but the outcome is worth the hard work. I was able to do it, and so can you. Think of what you would be able to realize when you truly are the Master of your own life.

Imagine the satisfaction of having used your potential to the fullest, having cultivated your relationships to the max, and having raised your children in such a way that they stay your friends for life. All of that and much more can be the result of taking the Sense-of-Self Help Online Course now! YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE — MAKE SURE IT’S YOURS!

The Online Course: Nine Training Units

IntroHere is a roadmap of your journey

The introduction looks into the importance of being able to sense your Self and has you consider the question of whether you see value in freeing yourself of specific old behaviors that no longer seem to serve you in the present. Sensing your self is an important skill to have if you want to live your life as the healthy, happy person you know you can be.

Craving for ApprovalUnit 1 – WHY do you think you do what you do?

Unit 1 focuses on getting to the root of your behavior, and explains why that is important: you can solve many, if not all, of your life issues when you know WHY you do what you do. Why do you make certain choices and decisions? Becoming aware of this is especially useful for people who feel they are not completely in charge of their actions and behavior.

Unit 2Unit 2 – Whose life is it, anyway?

Unit 2 offers insight into the difference between those people who have a Healthy Sense of Self compared to those who are eternally struggling to find themselves. Being born doesn’t come with a guarantee that you get to live your own life. This unit helps you answer the question: Do you have a Healthy Sense of Self or a Lack of Sense of Self?

Past Future PresentUnit 3 – Your past shapes your present. Is your present good enough to shape your future?

Unit 3 helps you understand what went on in your childhood. The early way you were related to by your parents affects how you relate to yourself on a subconscious level and is in part responsible for what you make of yourself during your lifetime. If left with an undeveloped Sense of Self, you are set up to fail. Breaking free starts with looking back at what really happened.

Unit 4Unit 4 – “Thinks” are seldom what they seem

Unit 4 introduces two categories of motivation identified by the Sense of Self Method: Direct Motivation and Indirect Motivation. Understanding your motivations requires awareness of what is going on in your subconscious mind. Discerning which kind of Motivation is operating in the background of your various behaviors is the key to self-knowledge, to healing a Lack of Sense of Self, and to gaining a Restored Sense of Self.

Unit 5Unit 5 – Are you using your life to prove that you are okay?

Unit 5 addresses why certain things play such a dominant role in your life and what is behind that. When you are unable to develop a (healthy) Sense of your Self, you adopt ways of behaving to gain acceptance from the people you believe you need approval from.

Behavior TreeUnit 6 – The need to “Feel-good-about-self” can be compulsive

Unit 6 investigates what drives you to crave approval and introduces a few processes that contribute to the subconscious drama at play in those with a Lack of Sense of Self. You will discover how to shift from being focused on gaining approval to focusing on what YOU want your life to be like, based on your own conscious decisions.

Unit 7Unit 7 – “Will I ever outgrow the need for approval?”

Unit 7 delves deeper into the role parental judgment can play in your life. Caregivers need not even be present for their opinions to linger in your mind and body. You will learn about the entanglement of parent/caregiver and child that is both the cause and the result of a Lack of Sense of Self, which puts you at risk for a lifetime of emotional exhaustion and suffering.

Unit 8Unit 8 – “Help! I sense my Self disappearing when I don’t succeed in making you happy!”

Unit 8 brings all the information of the previous units together and clarifies what the Sense of Self Theory — and Method — are all about. Building on what you have learned so far, you will now see a structure you may have unconsciously created that functions as the place holder for the real self-experience. This unit poses the question: Whose happiness really matters most to you?

UUnit 9nit 9 – Putting it all together: Are You Riding an Emotional Rollercoaster?

Unit 9 leads you through each of the course concepts as they could apply to you. Once you manage to understand the origins of each of these elements, you will be able to effectively create lasting changes and finally break free from your addiction to approval.

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Brilliant Bonuses

Grab your spot in the Sense-of-Self Help Online Course now and receive these Special Bonuses
Healthy Sense of Self: How to be true to your Self and make your world a better place!
A copy of our 253-page standard reference for the Healthy Sense of Self Method.  (A $29.95 value!)
Language of the Sense of Self Method!
40 illustrated cards representing 40 key concepts, each authentic and important to understand in the quest for developing a strong and healthy Sense of Self.
Exclusive access to the Friends of Healthy Sense of Self Facebook Page and Community!
HySoS Grounding Exercise for Better Body/Mind Awareness and Connection!
A downloadable guide to feeling better, having a clearer mind, being less attached to the outcome of your actions, and being less dependent on what others think of you, including those special people whose approval you crave. This guide shows you what you can start doing right now to begin strengthening your Sense of Self in only a few minutes a day.
HySoS Awareness Exercise for Parents plus The Three Questions!
A downloadable guide that will help you make sure you can be fully there for your children.
Weekly Online Office Hours
Access to our live support!
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