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Posts by Deborah Drake

ToD: The Wisdom of Annie Lennox

“There’s this youth culture that is really, really powerful and really, really strong, but what it does is it really discards people once they reach a certain age. I actually think that people are so powerful and interesting – women, especially – when they reach my age. We’ve got so much to say, but popular…

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What exactly IS a Healthy Sense of Self?

A Healthy Sense of Self is one’s own felt sense of being one’s own person, separate from others. With a Healthy Sense of Self a person is free to be the unique human being whom he or she was born to be, and allows him or her to effectively become increasingly more independent through each…

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Have you got parental anguish? Insights by Jennifer Senior.

“Why is raising our children so associated with (parental) anguish?” Each time I have watched this TED Talk, I fully relate to what Jennifer Senior shares about parental anguish and the day her son was born.  For I, too, had a C-section that was planned–when my soon-to-be-born daughter turned herself around to a breach position…

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SoS Thought of the Day: Your life is going to change.

Editor’s Note: I read a lot for the work that I do for Healthy Sense of Self.  A seemingly random collection of short and long pieces add up to a lot of words read daily–and much like my daily effort to walk 10,000+ steps–it’s a practice that “keeps me curious and engaged with living.” It…

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Where does mental strength come from?

a little girl plays superhero

Dear Reader, Here are three questions for you to ponder: What exactly is mental strength? Where does it come from? And, if you want more of it, how can you get it? According to Amy Morin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Writer at LifeHack, there are 13 things mentally tough people don’t do. She clearly struck a…

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