The Best Christmas Gift Ever…

This is not an expensive Xmas present; you don’t have to stand in line; you don’t have to wrap it and the recipient can use it for a long time, for a life time even.

Give the Gift of a Healthy Sense of Self

If you give your children a Healthy Sense of Self you will save them a lot of other costs as well they won’t need to consult that many doctors or therapists, or even make so many visits to the dentist. They will have a stronger constitution.

Note that they are likely to make more money, because they master the art of handling their responsibilities and possess an increased skill level to focus on the goals they want to achieve. There is a higher chance that they find the right partner and enjoy a long, happy marriage. In short, they will be happier.

And then all the Christmases! Do you know that you’ll hand them the tool to enjoy all their Xmases and family dinners, without being afraid of the stress that it will all go wrong – even if they have a drink or two. All these benefits are part of your gift if you make sure to give a Healthy Sense of Self to your children.

Who receives this gift?

However… If you are older and don’t live at home anymore, receiving this gift is no longer so obvious: you are already formed and that includes with, or without a Healthy Sense of Self.

This Hysos gift is mostly for you, parents of young children. You still can make it a priority, just like the father in this video, to actively make your child aware that he or she is unique and valuable, in the first place to you as their parent as well as to themselves.

Now about this video: What the father says seems to me of less importance than the fact that he undertakes this activity with his daughter. Alysia really feels that her father “sees” her, while he is totally with her as he teaches her the rules of life. On that crucial fundamental level, she knows she is important to her father. I think THAT is the important moment in her upbringing.

How to wrap the gift of a Healthy Sense of Self?

How do you turn the most important gift of all times into a cute Xmas present? Let your creativity go wild. A lot depends on your own talents: do you enjoy drawing, writing, wood working, sculpting, writing songs? You can always fabricate a symbolic present to bring your gift to life. It must be something that gets in front of your eyes on a daily basis. Something that can’t break and that reminds you, as the giver, daily to reserve time and quality attention for the recipient of your gift.  And the delightful part of it is that, as the giver, you will receive a lot of joy from it as well.


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