Ready to Overcome Your Fear of Change?

fear of change

Why do some of us struggle so much with change? A particularly relevant question in the current coronavirus disease situation we’re all facing. What’s the reasoning behind this fear of change? Keep reading for a few powerful techniques you can use to overcome this illusory fear . . .  Think back to the last time…

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The Valuable Art of Healthy Self-forgiveness


The Art of Self-forgiveness The self-healing process often begins with self-forgiveness and will only be possible if you’re able to fill yourself up with a stronger Sense of Self. And over the years, we’ve noticed there’s definitely an art to self-forgiveness.  It all starts with becoming aware of who you are and why you behave…

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Here Are 3 Natural Ways to Help You Sleep Better

overcome insomnia and sleep better

Do you wish you could simply sleep better at night?  In the midnight hours, do you lie there sleep-deprived, worrying about your responsibilities as a parent, wife, sibling, and/or daughter—tossing and turning—wondering if you said and did the right things? Or do you find yourself awake in the wee hours of the morning . .…

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Narcissistic Abuse, an antidote against it.

It’s not your fault!   If you are eager to step back into the groove of trying to make it work at all cost – Often at the cost of your Self! Trying to make your relationship work, your marriage, your job, your behavior, or that change in attitude… It is not your fault To…

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Self-destructive Behavior

It is a loaded term: self-destructive behavior. In essence what it comes down to: doing things that are bad for you. The more often you do them, the weaker you make yourself. The worst kind of self-destructive behavior is suicide, although you might wonder what is worse: letting yourself slide downward until you feel so miserable that…

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Holidays Are Supposed to Be Joyful Times, Right?

I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the food, the music, the peacefulness of the picture-perfection in ads, movies, and images of the Season, the coziness, and safety of family coming together, like circling the wagons in the old days. Most of us are…

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Anxiety and the holidays: 13 ways to cope.

Dear Author of this blog post: Thank you for a thoughtful, well-paced, and compassionate post: Lots of insights. Lots of wisdom. I appreciate your discernment too. “Remember that part of their personality is the anxiety. Remember that part of them, the compilation of life experiences that they are made of, is the anxiety. It can…

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Empty Nest

Goodbyes are not my forte although I don’t find it all that terrible to leave a place. What is difficult is leaving my two daughters with their own lives in a big city like New York. I remember my own journey when I was in my thirties, but now as their mother, it is a…

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Artist Depicts Mental Illnesses As Monsters

Bipolar Disorder

It’s hard to explain: a mental illness is something that you’ll only understand when you’ve experienced it for yourself. However, U.K.-based artist Toby Allen is trying to make it just a little easier on everyone (including himself) to understand what mental illnesses like anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder are like by illustrating them as monsters.…

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