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General Despair and Anxiety

Use Deep Breathing to Soothe Stress, Anxiety

Deep Breathing

Mindful, deep breathing is powerful. You’ve probably been told to stop and take a deep breath a time or two in the past when people have noticed you upset, angry or anxious. And while it doesn’t always seem like the most effective solution to your problems, it IS an effective way of coping with stress…

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8 Quotes to Help with Anxiety

Those who struggle with anxiety know that facing everyday tasks can be daunting–it can be so challenging to make it to the end of the day without breaking down. Below are 8 quotes we’ve hand-picked to help you cope on your most anxious days, hours, or minutes. Be sure to save this blog post to…

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Should You Be Talking About Mental Illness At Work?

suffer from depression

To Tell or Not To Tell Your Boss About Your Mental Illness: That is the Question Comedian and author Ruby Wax recently told the UK based Times that the answer is no. No, you should not be talking about your mental illness at work, she says. The Guardian reports Wax told the Times “When people say,…

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Going to the doctor? Consult your Self first!

doctor writing record on folder on desk in office

Next time you consult a doctor and go home with your medication or treatment plan make sure you check in with your Self. Find out if you are truly living to manifest your very own Self or if all you have been doing is being the slave of other people’s rules (parents/caregivers included). It might…

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Can Feeling-Good-About-Yourself be an addiction?

Stopping your work somewhere halfway is hard. More difficult even is quitting when you’re almost done. Even when you can be pretty sure that there will be another day tomorrow it sometimes feels you have to rip yourself from your desk and shoot yourself out of the office and into the car. Once that is…

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