8 Healthy New Ways to Practice Self-Care

practice self-care

When you have an endless to-do list, tons of meetings, and other crucial commitments, taking the time to practice self-care is usually placed on the back burner. This is a huge reason why we often feel stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. Need some help getting back on track? We’ve rounded up eight healthy habits to…

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What Is the Brain Science of Addiction and Habits?

science of addiction

The science of addiction all starts in the brain. Often a behavior that we refer to as an addiction is just an unfavorable habit that hasn’t been addressed. However, there are behaviors that become so ingrained in our brain that they are indistinguishable from addiction. Here’s what you need to know about the science of…

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8 Ways to Let Go of Your Stress and Anxiety


Do you ever stress about how to overcome anxiety? Stress happens to everyone. And things sure can get overwhelming when you start delving into the root causes of anxiety. But talking about it with someone, building healthy relationships, and learning to recognize your own internal voice are all valuable actions that can help develop a…

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The Best Christmas Gift Ever…

This is not an expensive Xmas present; you don’t have to stand in line; you don’t have to wrap it and the recipient can use it for a long time, for a life time even. Give the Gift of a Healthy Sense of Self If you give your children a Healthy Sense of Self you…

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A View from A Drawbridge’s: Body Signals

Editor’s Note: For more than a year now I have been following the daily postings of a Seattle Bridgetender whose blog The View From a Drawbridge  makes me ponder both sacred and mundane insights before starting my day. A bridgetender has a lot of time on their hands to consider the past, the present, and…

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Artist Depicts Mental Illnesses As Monsters

Bipolar Disorder

It’s hard to explain: a mental illness is something that you’ll only understand when you’ve experienced it for yourself. However, U.K.-based artist Toby Allen is trying to make it just a little easier on everyone (including himself) to understand what mental illnesses like anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder are like by illustrating them as monsters.…

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Is Forgiveness Good For Your Health?


Forgiving others can be really, really hard. I mean, it would be easier to just talk badly about the person behind their back for years or sue somebody, right? Wrong. So wrong. And you certainly wouldn’t be doing your self or your overall physical health any real favors. The Cure: Forgiveness According to John Hopkins Medicine,…

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Bust out the Blue: it’s Men’s Health Week!

Men's Health

June is the 21st annual Men’s Health Month, and today is the start of International Men’s Health week. Celebrated each year during the week leading up to and including Father’s Day, President Clinton signed Men’s Health Week into law in 1994, and rightfully so: we needed to pay more attention to men’s health back then, and we…

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