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Challenges of Performing Artists

Serena Williams’ Body Shamers Should Just Stop.

JK Rowling's Response to Serena Williams' Body Shamers

Hold the phones– the New York Times may have just body-shamed Serena Williams. An article published on July 10th on Times begins by quoting the tennis star (who just won her 6th Wimbledon title) not on her past wins or how she’s managed to achieved such incredible success over the years, but instead on how she hides her “mold-breaking muscular arms” while…

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What motivates your student athlete?

Healthy Sense of Self is happy to be a sponsor of Bellevue High School Athletics. When Northwest Athletics called us proposing that we sponsor Bellevue High School’s current sport schedule of Football and Basketball, it got us thinking. What is the role of athletics in the larger picture of a whole education of a person? Participation in individual and…

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Method Terminology: Feel-Good-About-Self

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the illustration of the term “Feel-good-about-Self.”  I am one of the 40 new concepts that are launched in the upcoming book by Antoinetta Vogels:  A healthy Sense Of Self – How to be true to yourself and make your world a better place! I represent a feeling that…

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It Takes Two to Tango

Be there to dance – be with him Be there to dance – be with her About a few decades ago I was trying to make sense of dancing the tango. I went to dance lessons and learned the steps: walk to the cross – tango, stop. I have loved the music for my whole…

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Thought of the Day, June 21th, 2012

Survival in a lion cub is an instinct that he blindly follows using all his power and flexibility to not end up as a prey to other predators in the food chain we are all part of. What makes us human beings believe that we can do with less? Imagine you would put all that jungle power behind…

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