Be a hero…be your self!

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

“Not everyone can be a hero!” That is why being a hero is so special. Saving a person from a burning house requires an instant decision – helping an old lady cross a street with crazy traffic and no lights happens at the spur of the moment. Being a hero is not something you can…

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The Path to Love leads us home to our Self

In a matter of days, I will be off to Colorado for a week long retreat that will test me to the core.  A retreat that I am looking forward to–completely. I find myself growing excited (not anxious) as I leave for a much anticipated vacation to an exotic place.  This exotic place though is…

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The Cure to Your Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

When you finally gain a sense of self, you lose your fear of failure. Fear of failure stems from the place inside of us that is terrified of messing up. But if all people make mistakes, why can’t you? When we learn to accept ourselves and develop a healthy sense of self we are no…

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