ChildMind.Org: Avoid Passing Anxiety on to Your Children

How to Avoid Passing Anxiety on to Your KidsTips For You and Your Kids on Coping with Anxiety

In a recent article published on ChildMind.Org, Brigit Katz discusses several ways to avoid passing anxiety on to your children that will benefit the entire family.

“Kids look to their parents for information about how to interpret ambiguous situations; if a parent seems consistently anxious and fearful, the child will determine that a variety of scenarios are unsafe,” she writes.

Since we know our kids are looking to us to understand how life works and how they should respond to it, there are steps we need to take to be sure we’re passing along the right messages.

The article tells the story of one of Honest Mom’s JD Bailey encounters with anxiety in front of her kids, and includes tips from Dr. Jamie Howard, director of the Stress and Resilience Program at the Child Mind Institute, as well as Laura Kirmayer, an associate psychologist at the Child Mind Institute.

From things like learning stress management techniques, to explaining your anxiety with your children, take a look at the article to get great ideas on ways to avoid passing anxiety on to your child.

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