This is a nine-week online training program designed to help you restore your Sense of Self and break free from depression, anxiety, and the need to please others.  You will also develop the necessary skills to live from a place of authenticity. Staying true to your self can be incredibly challenging if you never learned how. We are here to help you get in touch with who you truly are.


Module One -- Understanding "Who Am I?"

“Who am I?” is a deceptively simple question. Throughout our lives we go through great changes, and things about who we are don’t always make sense. But starting now, we will benefit from knowing more about ourselves because not knowing the answer to the question “Who am I?” can make us victims in our lives instead of the Masters of our own fates.


Module Two -- Understanding the Substitutions of Self

Your Sense of Self is what informs your personal preferences and tastes, but an addiction to approval can overshadow your true desires. When you spend your life catering to the needs and wants of others rather than your own, the motivations behind your actions and behaviors may be twisted.


Module Three -- Outgrowing the Need for Approval

For many of us, the opinions of our primary caregiver(s) still color our lives right now. Such coloring is normal, expected, and healthy to the extent that the opinions provide us with necessary life skills. What does NOT need to stay with us are the lingering residues of our parents’ difficulties with their own parents and with their own Sense of Self. By making sure we strengthen and restore our own Sense of Self, we can break the cycle and free ourselves from that burden.