Dear Parents, do you help your child shape their self-story?

girl imagining her self-story

Most parents intuitively know that children need to feel good about themselves to be happy and to progress in life – the same applies to adults – but practically speaking, how does this work? What do we need to be doing or saying to our children to ensure that they grow up to be happy adults, with a strong ‘sense of self’ and the ability to take on the world? Dr. Kathyrn Weston, Want Your Child to Feel Good About Themselves? – Follow Five Golden Rules

Five wonderful recommendations for parenting are offered in this Huffington Post piece that caught our eye this morning and the one that resonates with me deeply:

Help your child shape their self-story

While this might seem like common sense, is it always common practice? Growing up with parents who loved me, I still experienced from time to time the sensation of being told how I should be or how I best be if I wanted to succeed in life. As an adult, I have unlearned some of the teachings my well-intentioned parents passed on. To be a parent who lets children develop their own sense of self is easier said than done.

What is your experience of raising children and giving them love and the space to be? How much freedom to be do you feel you had as a child growing up?

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