self-sabotaging behavior
It may sound revolutionary, but if you are one of the many people who have difficulty sleeping then this site is for you! As far as my knowledge reaches, there is no reliable drug-free solution that can ensure us a good night’s sleep. This means that there is no “natural” cure available, meanwhile, the number of people suffering from insomnia is ever increasing.

Causes may vary, of course, and scientific solutions are mostly searched for at a micro-cosmic level rather than in the accumulation of redundant survival strategies many of us were forced to put in place over time. But here is the good news: unless your difficulty sleeping is caused purely by a physical problem, what the Sense of Self Method has to offer will definitely help you to become a better sleeper.

I was challenged by quite a sleeping problem while raising my children. I had to quit my interesting job as a musician in a well-known Philharmonic Orchestra and find my own way out of this predicament. Even though being sleep deprived doesn’t immediately convey the message to others that a person has a serious problem the effects of it are dangerous (driving) and ruin the overall quality of your life.

As insomnia is sort of an invisible problem, I was alone with it and received hardly any heartfelt compassion. Those who did know me well, and I mean my closest family, tended to diminish the problem or presumed I was exaggerating.

Medical or psychological advice did not go beyond the ever-ready prescription for pharmaceuticals. But sleeping is a natural part of being human so if you can’t sleep it must be that something is interfering with that natural process.

At an early stage, I decided against taking sleeping pills; I was determined to get to the bottom of what was preventing me from sleeping soundly at night. I didn’t expect the root cause to be so hard to find. It took me over twenty-five years of studying and analyzing myself before I was able to recognize a pattern that made sense.

From then on I decided to make it my life’s work to process and organize my findings so others could benefit from them too, and now the moment has arrived to share them with you. I came to see that we have a tendency to become enslaved to getting certain results in our lives that compensate for a basic lack of Sense of Self.

Our inner workings are set up in such a way that what helps us in early childhood has the potential to destroy us in later life if we do not recognize what is going on and do something about it.

In other words, what has helped us to get our needs met in an earlier stage of our lives often forms an obstacle to do the same thing in the present, as clearly our needs naturally changed as we grew up.

The Sense of Self Method (SoS Method) consists of two parts: the first, a theoretical part that provides insight on what might have gone wrong in your life, and the second part is geared toward recovery and offers exercises and awareness training to help you gain a Restored Sense of Self.

From personal experience, I know how having extreme difficulty sleeping takes the zest out of life. How, unlike your friends and family members, you avoid making plans because you never know if you will be well-rested enough to go to the gym, go horseback riding, go hiking, meet up for coffee in the morning, or get some work done.

If you are unable to sleep, you are not only alone with that pain at night but it leaves you feeling isolated during the day as well; what is worse, often times you feel ashamed and guilty for “not being normal.” You prefer to hide the fact that you have problems sleeping and too often that comes down to hiding yourself.

If you have difficulty sleeping at night, there's something happening during the day that's responsible.

What is it that you do or ‘that you are after’ during your waking hours that makes it impossible for you to relax, rest, and sleep at night?

What are the reasons WHY you are doing WHAT you are doing and what do you perceive to be at stake are the fundamental questions we need to ask ourselves? The HySoS website and literature are there to assist you in finding the answers in your daily pattern or concept of living.

A word of warning: the Sense of Self Method does not claim to be a quick fix but requires dedicated studying and willingness to be totally honest with yourself.

But the best part is that as you start to understand yourself better, a great number of other issues improve as well: issues that vary from general health, relationships, the ability to focus, being successful, to becoming a much more effective and loving parent. If you have difficulty sleeping, looking into the Sense of Self approach is time well spent for you. A good night’s sleep awaits you, once you have a healthy sense of Self.

*I, Antoinetta Vogels, author of Healthy Sense of Self and creator of the Sense of Self Method, am neither a medical doctor, nor a psychologist, but I share my SoS Method with you as it has helped me to greatly improve my own life and that of my family; it can do the same for you.

Want to learn more about the relationship between self-sabotaging behavior, difficulty sleeping, and your Natural Sense of Self?




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