“(Do) I (really) SEE YOU?”

Looking within has two great results: 1) you get to know yourself 2) you’ll find out that there are two different ways of looking.

Wait. I am not going with this where you might think I am going: use a different way for  looking within then the one you are used to when looking outside yourself . In short do not look within the way you have been looking so far. Looking within is encouraged so you get to know yourself.  When you are studying yourself, your thoughts, behavior, motivation, feelings you are legitimately focused on those processes.

I was surprised to find though that I was looking at the world in my looking within – mode, with the same eyes as looking within so to speak. Ever noticed that funny stare in the eyes some people have when you think they are talking with you? They do not trust themselves and therefore need to be looking inside continuously as to make sure they are still doing the right thing. But it takes away from the connection; actually, there really isn’t a connection. Looking outside yourself, looking at the world, at the people and things that surround you requires an inner freedom to let go of yourself. Only then it is that, when looking outside, you actually SEE. Only then it is that you actually SEE and HEAR  the other person. Only than you can really LISTEN. Actually fully seeing and hearing your fellow human being is what will make a huge step in improving the world and besides: it is much more fun and I just have a hunch that  it might improve your eyesight!

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