What exactly IS a Healthy Sense of Self?

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A Healthy Sense of Self is one’s own felt sense of being one’s own person, separate from others. With a Healthy Sense of Self a person is free to be the unique human being whom he or she was born to be, and allows him or her to effectively become increasingly more independent through each stage of development. A Sense of Self (SoS) is cultivated from birth, but only when primary caregivers truly see and acknowledge their child as an autonomous being as opposed to (unknowingly) considering them to be an extension of themselves. A Healthy Sense of Self is profoundly significant because it is the foundation for living an authentic life, a life without shame, regret, or anxiety, as opposed to a lifetime of addiction to approval. ~Antoinetta Vogels, Founder & Author

Do you have what it takes to be your Self? In relating to others? At work? In pursuit of your goals and dreams?

What can we do to support you in your quest to restore your Sense of Self to Whole Vibrant Health?

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