Healthy Sense of Self and Jet Lag – from Mumbai with Love!

What a Healthy Sense of Self can do for suffering less from jet lag…? If you are not dependent for your Sense of Self on how many or how few problems you create for your partner you do not have to be fearful that you do; not being fearful means having a lot more peace of mind and be less panicky about things.
In other words, if you do not depend on “Feeling-good-about-yourSelf”” because you managed to not be a pain in the neck, you sleep better and feel better equipped to adapt to the time zone changes.
At which point , in a person’s life, do we get the message that we are a pain in the neck? Where does that come from? Are babies born like that? I don’t think so. Something must have gone wrong! Yes, the development of a healthy natural Sense of Self. And believe me a HySoS is responsible for a lot of smooth living!
Luckily we can now identify the problem and Restore our Sense of Self by doing the work HySoS offers!

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  1. Jolene Spath on June 24, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    Well said! That lesson was learned very late…perhaps we learn it sooner if we aren’t continually reminded of the fact that we are a pain in the neck. I believe babies are born full of love…but they learn very quickly, so that we sometimes think they must have been born ‘that way.’

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