Challenges for Senior Citizens


HySoS helps with Challenges for Seniors

You only die once.

It is impossible to anticipate “the ultimate moment.” Sometimes death comes unexpectedly, leaving us without time for preparations; sometimes the path to the end is long and difficult.

Since I am neither a medical doctor nor a geriatric expert I can’t make a scientific argument but my integrity compels me to share my vision with you.

Wouldn’t it be terrible to die without having lived your very own life? What if you have spent the precious time granted to you merely living on automatic pilot? And then, maybe at the very last moment, you come to realize that your life was wasted, but you don’t have the opportunity to recoup the lost time. Your biography is finished and all you can do is accept that fact.

It seems wiser to ask yourself in a timely manner:

  • Am I always myself or am I busy with living up to expectations that others have of me?
  • Am I perhaps constantly living up to self-imposed conditions that I am unaware of?
  • Am I truly living my life or spending it proving to a certain somebody that I am valuable enough to be taken into account and worthy of existing?

The way we die may very well have much to do with the way we live. It will be sad and painful enough to leave this life, to leave “myself”, and our loved ones behind after we have lived a full life. Imagine the agony when we are confronted with our death and we are not ready yet because we are (still) unfulfilled. Imagine that we realize we lived chasing an illusion that had nothing to do with our true Self.

This could be our scenario if we have not received the gift of a Healthy Sense of Self from our caregivers or if we have not made an attempt to gain a Restored Sense of Self™ later in life. Without a Healthy Sense of Self, we may spend our entire lives trying to fill an inner emptiness instead of enjoying life to the fullest.

It is of great importance that we are truly aware of our Self and live our very own lives. Maybe then aging and dying will be experienced as a less painful journey. When our time comes, we can die with dignity.

Our vitality is connected with the Universal sources of power and energy and a Healthy Sense of our Self helps us stand stronger in life. Knowing WHO and WHAT we are (and are not) is the backbone of our ‘being’ and determines how we function in the world. It is our source of reference for making decisions and choices and will give us the stamina to share our wisdom with younger generations, so we can leave a legacy of knowledge and Self-empowerment. It makes it easier to accept the fact that younger generations run the world instead of being morose and resentful about this reality.

With a Healthy Sense of Self we will also be stronger and have more mental and emotional flexibility to see and accept when a loved one’s battle to stay healthy is coming to an end. We can then help them pass over and concentrate on supporting them in their transition.

It is commonly accepted that aging brings loss of flexibility and slows down our bodily functions that we have always accepted as normal, but maybe it doesn’t HAVE to be that way or not too such an extent. What if we could delay (or even eliminate) the decay in even the slightest way by remaining alert and alive and in touch with our essence? What if we could keep our senses alert by using and experiencing them actively and consciously at every age?

Our mental clarity seems more prone to deterioration as we age. One of the reasons for this could be that too many of us lead our lives to please others rather than ourselves. We have made ourselves dependent on the approval of specific persons, mostly our primary caregiver. To me it isn’t strange that, when resilience starts to diminish, it becomes harder—if not impossible—to keep up the “performance” our lives used to depend on.

After a lifetime of living up to (self-) imposed conditions there is no strong Sense of Self to fall back on because it was never developed in the first place. Such a life is lived based on the development of the ability to “read” the person whose approval we are dependent on, so we can conform as much as possible to their likes and dislikes. This is “learned behavior” that is not “natural” to us. It has nothing to do with who we intrinsically are.

When the memory function diminishes this “learned behavior” falls away and there is no authentic Self to fall back on. Is this why people with a HySoS are less prone to dementia?

I believe that we will be in better shape and can extend our “Golden Years” considerably by being true to who we are deep down inside. We can extend our power by eliminating the stress and exhaustion that accompanies a life in which we are not in touch with ourselves.

This website and my book, “Healthy Sense of Self – How to be true to yourself and make your world a better place!” teaches you how to re-align with the original blueprint you were born with. The moment it dawns on you that you don’t depend on anybody or anything, you are free to live your own life. It is never too late to get started!

*I, Antoinetta Vogels, author of Healthy Sense of Self and creator of the Sense of Self Method, am neither a medical doctor, nor a psychologist, but I share my SoS Method with you as it has helped me to greatly improve my own life and that of my family; it can do the same for you.

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