Fear of Annihilation

Fear if Annihilation

Terror of being unheard by, and invisible to others. This SoS concept cannot be understood without also understanding Annihilation.


When a person feels Fear of Annihilation they are fearing the experience of being overlooked, not being seen and heard as a person who is “present”. They are afraid of not being taken into account, not having a voice or a face as a “me”, not having any ability to affect their environment, not being acknowledged as an independent, potentially autonomous human being, not being important enough to be noticed. They often are feeling like a ghost with a body – bodily alive, but in the living hell of being invisible to everyone.


This fear is so terrifying and painful that it rarely reaches conscious awareness; most people who have it experience some milder version, and don’t realize that Annihilation is what they are really afraid of! Fear of Annihilation in a person’s psyche is as powerful as a force of nature in generating compulsions and addictions in desperate attempts to avoid experiencing it.


This SoS Method describes, basically, the nature and structure of those attempts, over a lifetime and offers a way out of this predicament.


Imagine how you would feel, if your only experience of truly existing would happen while in this state of “Feeling-good-about-self” because it gives you a felt sense of safety! This Fear of Annihilation is a subconscious phenomenon, just like the dependency on a Substitute-Sense-of-Self. Therefore, it is quite a challenge to get a grip on it by identifying and acknowledging it.


Thus, the Fear of Annihilation is the fountainhead of a lot of other fears, for example, fear of not being able to get to gain that state of “Feeling-good-about-yourself.” Since this state functions as a substitute for the not-felt Sense of Self, the fear comes down to the fear of being deprived of, or not getting access to, your Substitute-Sense-of-Self, a fear comparable to – but for most people worse than – the fear of death.


Another fear in the cascade is triggered by anticipating not being able to find (for whatever reason) a new Vehicle for the action or behavior that could, potentially, result in that state of “Feeling-good-about-self.” In a person who has not received the confirmation of existing as his own person the fear of Annihilation never stops. That fear keeps the person in a suspense that can last a lifetime (as in a trance). It is a constant threat and a constant reality.


The attempt to prevent Annihilation becomes – with the power of a force of nature – a dominant yet completely subconsciously-operating motive in life. It generates an entire system of unhealthy, detrimental psycho-emotional habits, beliefs, needs, desires, compulsions, addictions, and motives.


We can stay forever enslaved by that system until and unless we become aware of it and do something about it. The purpose of the SoS Method is to unravel the mysteries of these inner chains and help the chained people (maybe you!) obtain their freedom.


If you have not read about what Annihilation is, please read that here now.

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Fear if Annihilation

Fear if Annihilation