Healthy Sense of Self

Healthy Sense of Self (HySoS)

The ability to experience and be present to your own person and to your own life and recognize both as uniquely owned by YOU. That includes the right to live and be as your Self and experience your innermost core as your ultimate home from where you live your life.


This definition may sound to you like kicking in an open door, but for many people it is not at all clear who and what they are. And if that is valid also for you please know that you are not alone.


If you have never had a chance to develop a Healthy Sense of your Self but have been forced, for various reasons, to be about someone else, how could you have any idea about what you are missing out on? You couldn’t.


A Sense of Self is not something that is innate to a person, but it certainly is a quality that each and every human being needs to have to a certain extent in order to be able to function adequately in society. Being able to refer back to your own inner self often is just what you need to be able to make a decision or to motivate to do or avoid something. What else than your Self, would there be to form the very root of your being and center from where to initiate your actions?


What is needed though to cultivate this Sense of Self is the opportunity to explore, accept and maintain your Self. It is up to your parents/educators to be instrumental in this and if that doesn’t happen you are stuck without a SoS. Now what? To explore that question and offer you the tools to restore your SoS is what the SoS Method is all about.

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