Internalized Parental Voice (IPV)

Virtual, Internalized Parental Voice (VIPV)

The often-repeated verbal and non-verbal messages that parents, knowingly or unknowingly, transmit to their children becomes (almost?) hardwired in the child’s mind so that it is perceived as an unquestionable truth (about and) by the child

Your Internalized Parental Voice is based on learned behavior and not on your own opinion or judgment (!). When this judge approves of your behavior you have what you so desperately need: a moment of “Feel-good-about-self”. This positive feedback is felt (subconsciously) as absolutely necessary for having an experience of feeling like having the right to exist and the closest you can get, without a Healthy Sense of Self, to feeling like a real person.


The Internalized Parental Voice is easily taken for our own inner voice, one that we tend to trust and rely on. However, it is the voice of your parent/caregiver, that still resides in you, after so many years of having been exposed to it daily. A child believes his caregiver is a sort of God that can’t make any mistakes so his or her criteria are initially experienced as the ultimate truth in life. They are stored in your subconscious mind where they become your auto-pilot.

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