A normal, healthy degree of emotional reaction that is in sync with the degree of intensity of the actual effect of events or behavior of others on your life, and that is an indication of a Healthy Sense of Self. This is distinguished from emotions that strike down the level of your sense of existence as a self because you are dependent on a Substitute Sense of Self.

Your everyday life can be experienced as good or bad, or something in the middle. Quality-of-Life level matters typically have no relevance to, or impact on the experience of your Self or your Being. In general, you can say that it is a practical, logistical and down-to-earth level of experiencing things. A QoL-level experience has nothing to do with any dependency on it for your SoS. This is how it is supposed to be.


Quality-of-Life level experiences need to be seen in contrast to the Substitute SoS-Oriented level of experiencing things, where the things are not experienced for the sake of themselves but for the impact they have of can have on earning a Substitute SoS.

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