Going to the doctor? Consult your Self first!

Self Help

Boosting your Self can make you happy and healthy!

Next time you consult a doctor and go home with your medication or treatment plan make sure you check in with your Self. Find out if you are truly living to manifest your very own Self or if all you have been doing is being the slave of other people’s rules (parents/caregivers included). It might be the root cause of your disease, that’s why!

This truth cannot easily be proven but I have experienced that doing what other people want you to do is basically rooted in fear. That fear has everything to do with flight and fight. Many of us learn to behave certain because our parents need  us to be “just so”,  not because they are bad people or not smart. But so they can live up to their own rules, that are also based on (their own) fear. They have been told how to behave by their parents, not because these older generation parents were bad people or not smart… but… yes you guessed it already, because they too, needed things to be just so because, they too, had to make sure how to best live up to the conditions they had set in place, based on the requirements their parents had for them. Because they were scared too!

How can we break that cycle?

By being our Selves.
By thinking for our Selves.
By looking at the world with fresh eyes and develop a crisp sense for what is actually needed.
By cutting our addiction to approval and the compulsive need to “Feel-good-about-ourSelves”- as a Substitute for our real Sense-of-Self.

With a healthy Sense of Self  you don’t depend on your achievements or on others.

You know who you are!
You hold your own!

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