Good versus Evil: Peace & War, Angels & Demons

Good versus Evil. Peace versus War. Angels versus Demons. These dichotomies have been known since the beginning of human history, having always been represented through drawings, graffiti, texts, statues, and many other artistic expressions.

Many people try to avoid any form of contact with what they consider evil, even on an ideological level, but generally, “evil” is a concept that each of us interprets in a subjective way and we do not all experience it in the same way . . .

Of course, I am not referring to the “universal” evil, which involves and upsets myriads of populations all over the world, namely war; here we are talking about “daily evil”, the one with which we all come into daily contact in our small and personal sphere.

Sometimes, we are able to distinguish the difference between those who act with goodness and those, instead, with devious and unhealthy means.

The truth is that a good versus evil conflict has always existed: they are like two opposing tides that perpetually collide.

Perhaps evil shouldn’t scare us, being an integral part of our lives.

Doesn’t that little flame of light that beats in our heart count more?
Do not those feelings of love that we show to our loved ones every day count more?

All the goodness and joy that we put into the little things of life could not exist or have meaning if the other side of the coin did not exist, the dark one: evil in fact.

What we should learn, and teach our children, is how to juggle these two opposing realities, drawing effective concepts and teachings to live life in a healthy way.

If each of us empathically stepped into the shoes of others, perhaps all the wickedness that currently surrounds us would not exist.

Many of us have a unique, but automatic reaction to “problems”: isn’t that a wrong conception of oneself that puts one’s being at the center of everything, while crushing and trampling the thoughts, words, and even the bodies of others? Wake up! This is nothing other than the fear of experiencing the annihilation of our sense of identity.

Those who live a full and satisfying life, because they possess a Healthy Sense of Self, will hardly fall at the mercy of evil. The problem, for those of us who have experienced evil on our own skin–in the form of hatred, greed, racism, and unjustified anger–is basically not being able to return to a perception of Life as “good.”

Evil is not always the devil or some hauling demons that will forever haunt our souls if we don’t stop them. Personally, I am not sure if angels and demons truly exist, but it is true that some people prefer to suffer rather than be helped by others with a different sense of good and bad. If not my way, then not at all! But conflict is inevitable! Let’s learn how to deal with it.

Surely the temptation of an easy and trouble-free life is captivating, but we cannot but bring attention to who we are and who we would like to be: men and women free to act in peace and justice.

It is up to each one of us to undertake the most important path in life: the one that leads to the Authentic Self.
Only with a healthy sense of self will we be able to better understand ourselves and, consequently, also the typical characteristics of the people around us. With a healthy sense of self, there is more tolerance for other people’s opinions and beliefs. Thus, we will fulfill the purpose of living in a healthier, more positive, and constructive way, not only for ourselves but for the whole community.

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