How to be a Guest Blogger for Healthy Sense of Self, by Deborah Drake (for HySoS)

Be your Self!

Our community and website are all about cultivating a Healthy Sense of Self. Many people don’t realize where you can actually find your true Self, what it looks like, where it comes from, or how it feels. To really be you,  you begin with establishing a healthy sense of you, because how can you be something if you don’t know where or what it is?

Among our readers there are undoubtedly many opinions, experiences, and insights worthwhile sharing with others. We would love to hear from you and we invite you to become a guest blogger on our website. We welcome submissions from people in search of or engaged in a Healthy Sense of Self.

We have a few simple requests and editorial guidelines.

1. Be real and authentic with what you choose to share and tell us a story that people can relate to.

2. Familiarize yourself with The Method and bring out in the story how it applies (This is important!)

3. Choose a specific topic you are passionate about from the twelve categories we focus on.

4. We love blogs that run 300 – 500 words. If your piece is longer, please turn it into a series that we can schedule the publication.

5. We reserve the right to edit for grammar, spelling, and language that is overly self-promotional. Sharing and Showing works best! Invite people to be curious about you and they will seek you out.

6. Provide us with a short bio and a link to track back to your website. We want you to have all the credit! We just don’t want blog articles that are too commercial.

7. We will promote you to our growing fan base on Facebook, and Twitter, and LinkedIn.


We look forward to your submissions and your contributions to this community that is committed to providing people with the resources for a Healthy Sense of Self! Contact us by email:


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