Healthy Sense of Self in the Ed Tyll Show

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On Monday, December 12th, (2016) I had the honor and joy to be interviewed by Ed Tyll on the occasion of my upcoming new book: the Motivation Cure, the secret to being your best Self!

It was truly a pleasure to discuss, with this seasoned interviewer, the notion that there seems to be a growing interest and awareness in the role motivation plays in people’s lives. It is slowly becoming common knowledge that having a healthy motivation, especially when raising your children or making important life choices, is of a decisive importance for the quality of the final result.

It was so soothing to find that Ed Tyll had a very positive and warm approach to the topic that is so close to my heart. During the interview he was able to emphasize even more the importance of the book going to be a “valuable contribution to the national dialogue on the issues that matter most to middle class folks in offices and on the road throughout the workday.”

If you are interested to hear the replay of it please click on the PLAY-button below. Thank you for your interest.

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