From our Healthy Sense of Self to Yours. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

thank you in metal type

Whatever your traditions, may you feel welcome where you are.  We the “family of HySoS” offer you our best wishes…today and everyday.


From the kitchen sink of HEALTHYSENSEOFSELF to the thanksgiving diner Table of all Friends and Foes of HySoS wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving Diner with lots of people and things to be grateful for!

Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving from NYC to you all my loyal and dedicated team members and your friends and family. May your day be blessed by kindness, good food, a good conversation and be followed by a good night’s sleep. ~Antoinetta


May you all have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving. ~Annie, From across the pond in London

Thank you, to ALL of you, for creating what I consider to be a chosen family of mine!  And thank you, Antoinetta, for assembling such a magnificent group of compassionate and devoted individuals for your team! With gratitude, Lily

My thankfulness on this day includes all of the awesome people dedicated and working hard to bring the benefit of the HySoS Method to the world which needs it. And includes all of those who are discovering it, getting enthusiastic about it, and helping others learn about it. And all who are receptive to growing and developing themselves. And all who realize that improving the world, starts with oneself! ~Alia
Today is a to remember what matters most of all–that we celebrate the people born and show up  into our lives. ~Deborah, David, Michael, Alia, Lily, Annie, Antoinetta

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  1. David I on November 29, 2013 at 1:16 am

    As the day winds down, filling the table till it groans under the weight of platters and tureens of delicious familiarity… and then leaving the table groaning under our own newfound weight, I’m thankful to have the time, and technology, to check in on friends, family, and colleagues.

    I hope you and yours have had a wonderful day, a wonderful meal, and that you have only things to be thankful when next Thanksgiving rolls around again.

    Lovely post! So sweet to find it in my news reader when I got home from Thanksgiving dinner!

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