Do You Have a Healthy Sense of Self?

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It took a while but here it is for the Dutchies among us. Make sure you are the one to give it its first like! This is a good reason to explain once and for all what a Healthy Sense of Self actually is. Here we go!

The Dutch version of our site, now on Facebook: Gezond Zelf-Gevoel

The Dutch version of our site, now on Facebook: Gezond Zelf-Gevoel

Self, self-worth, self-confidence
Those words are commonly used but less so Sense of Self. What does it actually mean some of you may ask. Well here is a short explanation.

Truly “see” yourself
A Sense of Self is a prerequisite for self-esteem but not the same. If you can’t really sense your Self, if you are not aware that you are your own person, if you are not home in your own body and being, it is impossible to have any esteem of yourSelf. Your Self is not sensed so how could you esteem it. To be present to yourself implies paying attention to yourself, listening to your body and respond to your emotional and psychological needs: “I want some time to process this or that.” Or: “Not now, I feel stressed, I need some time now to seek out why I am stressed. My leg hurts, why would that be? I can’t sleep – what is bothering me?”

Self-knowledge and a self-friendly motivation
If you have the ability to truly sense your Self you can solve many of the problems you face on a daily basis. It brings you in touch with your strengths and your limitations so you won’t over-promise or cross your own boundaries. Another important aspect of a Healthy Sense of Self is having insight into your motivations and knowing why you do what you do or avoid something. What are your deepest desires – what are you all about?

More than self-esteem and self-confidence alone
You see, that is much more than self-esteem – it is self-knowledge but not only with your brain. It is a sense that you carry around day in day out, night and day and that helps you to make choices and decisions. And if it doesn’t yet work for you that way you will have to start to get to know all these aspects of your Self. Then you will be able to manage yourself much better and in the long run, this self-awareness grows with you into a Healthy Sense of Self.

Do it Yourself – Method
A Healthy Sense of Self is available for who wants it and what is more: you can help yourself to it and with it. No need for a doctor or psychologist. I hope and pray that a Healthy Sense of Self will be a commonly used word soon, especially in the education of our youngest generation.

Healthysenseofself was founded in the US by a Dutch woman: Antoinetta Vogels. Soon her new book will be published in both languages: the Motivation Cure, a Method to become your Best Self! Also the Online Course Sense of Self-Help! will be available in Dutch.

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  1. Lorna Flanagan on July 13, 2017 at 11:22 am

    Thank you. I needed to read this. I’m struggling with my inner negative states.

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