I wish you all a healthy Sense of Self

I wish you all a Healthy Sense of Self, which, I know, leads to good health, productivity, happiness, peace and success.

How to achieve this Healthy Sense of Self you ask?

Well, we all have a Self, but some of us have the ability to be aware of it, to sense it to a level that their sense of self has become innate to them. Whatsoever they do is based on who they really are. They are themselves at all times. They don’t have to work on it anymore and can focus on the things they need or want to do.

For others the situation is different: they have been busy with trying  to live up to a number of conditions because they have been brought up with the idea that those conditions are of crucial importance for their right to exist. Those of us in need to restore our sense of self  need to focus away from the outcome of our activities or from the effect that our actions and behavior have on how other people mirror back to us how they perceive us: are we cool, are we accepted or are we rejected?

As a first step to restoring our sense of self let us put our attention on our body. How we  are our body and own it at the same time. How our body is ours alone and our vehicle to be in this life. How our body is worth a lot of care and active maintenance .  It is in fact of the degree of healthy functioning of our body that our life really depends.

So far this Blog entry. See you next week!

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