#HeidiTrumpsTrump in the Best Possible Way

#HeidiTrumpsTrump and Proves Strength of Sense of Self

Not that anyone is really surprised, but Donald Trump recent made a few questionable comments in a New York Time’s interview with columnist Mareen Dowd.

In the interview, Trump proves that no one is safe from his harsh comments as he claims that Heidi Klum is somehow less than physically perfect when he said that “sadly, she’s no longer a ten.”

Ms. Klum is not worried, however, and responded to Trumps diss in the very best way with a video on Twitter and the hashtag #HeidiTrumpsTrump.

Not only does the video prove that Klum’s body is still a smokin’ ten, it proves that she’s got signs of a Healthy Sense of Self, too. Being able to accept criticism and remember that other people’s opinions are just that–theirs–makes for a strong and healthy self. We love this example of strength and her testament to loving your body, despite what anyone has to say.

Way to go, Heidi!

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