SoS Thought of the Day: Your life is going to change.

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Editor’s Note: I read a lot for the work that I do for Healthy Sense of Self.  A seemingly random collection of short and long pieces add up to a lot of words read daily–and much like my daily effort to walk 10,000+ steps–it’s a practice that “keeps me curious and engaged with living.” It is how I start and end my day 99% of the time. It helps to set the tone for the day. It helps me put the day in perspective.

Part of the work and practice of being true to one’s Self–presuming that a connection to and understanding of that Self exists– is to remember that if you are born, you have a right to exist, to live your own life, and it’s never too late to start doing so. 

When I find powerful messages stated simply with everyday language my reaction is to share. A friend who personally knows Vereesh, recently reposted this prose poem and I had one of those moments of “That Must Be Shared.”

And so I do.

Your life is going to change when you have the trust to express and act on
your heart’s desire, even if it doesn’t make much sense at the time;
WHEN YOU TAKE RISKS to explore new possibilities,
when you jump and go beyond the illusion of your limitations,
and breathe fresh air;
when you feel insecure but you do it anyway
because you want to feel the passion of being alive.

Your life changes when you come home to your soul,
BECOME LOVING and accept
that you are a wonderful mixture of apparent contradictions –
powerful and vulnerable, unsure and inspired,
wild and gentle, ordinary and exceptional,
occasionally sad and mad, but also a Buddha in the making,
that you do your best, and yes, sometimes you really screw things up!
That you are loveable anyway
and that you really do make a difference to the people around you.

Your life forever changes and expands
when you discover and cherish the inner jewel of your awareness,
the central intelligence of your being;
when, with the honest loving support of friends, you BECOME AWARE of
your feelings, attitudes and your needs, and why you act the way you do,
and learn from all the blind-spots that they see but you don’t.

Your life changes when you learn how to BECOME FRIENDS
and appreciate the amazing uniqueness of all the different people in your life,
when you realize that you are indeed a child of the universe,
master of your life, and co-creator of this world… that there is much to celebrate.
Life changes when you discover that whatever the problem,
love is always the answer.
You can have all this and a whole lot more…

Veeresh, founder of Humaniversity.

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