Kids Say the Darnedest Things & They’re Right: Your Brain is Like a Jar of Glitter

Six Lessons Kindergarteners Have to Teach About Emotional Intelligence

In an adorably intelligent video produced by Wavecrest Films, several kindergartens display a true understanding of their own emotions, and if we’re smart, we’ll listen to what they have to say.

Published on UpWorthy, the video features kids that have “benefitted from social and emotional learning and coaching in mindfulness at a charter school in Mar Vista, California.”

Exhibit A– here’s quote from one of the kids on what’s it like to get angry:

“It’s kind of like, if you had a jar, and then the jar would be your brain, and then you put glitter in the jar, and that would be how you would feel like. If you shook up the jar, and the glitter went everywhere, that would be how your mind looks. And it’s spinning around, and then you don’t have any time to think.”


The kids then go on to suggest ingenious ways of coping with anger that we all too often forget, like spending some time alone and taking deep breaths, after which your brain is still a jar of glitter, just a little different.

“It’s like all the sparkles are at the bottom of your brain.”

If only we, as grown adults, had that much understanding of our emotions. You’ve got to check this video out:

Tell us in the comments: what do you do to get all the sparkles back to the bottom of your brain when you get angry?

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