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"This was some kind of a revelation for me. For years I have been aware of my self sabotaging behavior, and could even pinpoint two exact moments in its development . . . Now knowing insomnia is a tactic used by the true self as a wake-up call, so to speak, has been truly revelatory.  Thank you so much for that." - Mike H.

"Once I implemented Antoinetta Vogel's Secret Cure for Insomnia I was finally able to sleep!" - Camara C.

"I read the first chapter of this new book and it has been an eye-opener. I am now 60 years old and I believe the issues described in the book are exactly me. The three questions the chapter poses at the end have given me a clue as to where and how to start. Thank you so much!" - William W.

"I thought that the chapter was really quite profound . . . resonated with me very strongly." - Geri O.

"Thank you for sharing this important work with the world.  I truly believe that this book is going to improve relationships, culture, and lives." - Denise K.