The Secret Cure for Insomnia

The Secret Cure for Insomnia:
Your Healthy Sense of Self Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

by Antoinetta Vogels

"If I could just stop tossing and turning — over and over — during at night. I want to wake up fresh — without a foggy brain, a short temper, and low energy …"

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My sleepless nights began after the birth of my first daughter and controlled my life for years.  Maternity leave ended, and I returned to my job.

That’s when insomnia reared its ugly head—seemingly out of nowhere—and took a strong hold.

I know all about insomnia and its vicious cycle.

No matter what you’ve tried, you can’t find your way past the torture of fighting to fall asleep. 
Herbs, exercise, warm milk baths, relaxation audios, meditation.

Your friends, family, and doctor have plenty of well-meaning suggestions, but nothing’s worked long-term.

You’ve tried it all. Maybe even sleeping pills? 

Still your health and performance at work suffer. 

You don’t have energy to enjoy your favorite activities in the little spare time you have. 
And no energy to do fun things with your friends and family.

I’ve been there.  Like you, I was dragging . . . And a total drag to be around!

My chronic inability to fall asleep was draining and left me feeling completely out of it.
Exhausted and frustrated all the time—why couldn’t I just fall asleep?

I didn’t know the answer to this question, but I did know one thing: I didn’t want to be on sleep medication for the rest of my life.  So let me ask you…

How would your life change if you could get a good night’s sleep no matter what?

When you overcome your insomnia you’ll:

  • remember things
  • clear your brain fog
  • be fun and pleasant to be around
  • look awake and feel alive each day
  • be creative and productive at work
  • feel like a loveable human being again
  • have energy to enjoy your favorite activities

Finding the Cure for Insomnia

When I started looking within for the cause of my insomnia, instead of trying to tackle it from the outside in, my world forever changed.

I spent years recording my observations: my patterns,  my thoughts, and actions . . . Digging for the real motives behind my everyday behavior. 

Why did I make the decisions I made?  Why did I react to everyday annoyances and pressures so emotionally?

As it turns out, insomnia was the key to realizing that I lacked a strong Sense of Self. 

I learned to base my self-worth on external validation, namely, the approval of others. I couldn’t just trust my intuition, my heart, or my spirit to guide me.

I didn’t understand how to live as my true, authentic Self. Insomnia stemmed from the fear that I wasn’t good enough, and that I never would be good enough. If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you may feel similarly. Am I right?

Why Is Sleep So Important?

You have the right to be who you were born to be, no matter what you’ve been made to understand up until now. I was made to understand otherwise for a long time.

Getting to know my real motivations has helped me cultivate life-changing happiness and productivity, and I want to share the tools I’ve developed so you can begin to change your own life.

Getting a good night’s sleep is key to leading a fulfilling and authentic life, and vice versa. You can’t have one without the other. And knowing the reasons behind your choices and behavior—the reasons that are unique to you and your experience—will help you to attain both.

My decades-long struggle with insomnia was a blessing in disguise, as it gave me the opportunity to develop the Sense of Self (SoS) Method.

Let’s start at the beginning …

Now it’s your turn to discover the root cause of your struggle with sleep. My book, The Secret Cure for Insomnia: A Healthy Sense of Self Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep, gives you a jumpstart on your own journey toward an authentic, fulfilling life where you can rest easy at night.

In my book you’ll find:

  • The key questions to ask to understand why you can’t sleep
  • Targeted exercises to help you find your answers.

The Healthy Sense of Self guide gives you an easy to follow roadmap for maintaining a good night’s sleep no matter what.

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Getting to know what’s really keeping you awake at night is a slow process. The roots of your insomnia run deep and unearthing them will take time and work. But it’s worth every minute, because unlike sleeping pills, the Sense of Self Method is the secret cure for insomnia cure that lasts a lifetime. 

Grab your copy of our Healthy Sense of Self guide to getting a good night’s sleep today, available at an introductory price of $29.99.

This is an investment in healthy sleep so that you can have more patience, more time, and more energy for your authentic Self and the people you love.

Here’s to a great night’s sleep and your strong Sense of Self!