Mark Your Calendars: Sam Krause to Interview Healthy Sense of Self Founder Antoinetta Vogels on Monday, April 22

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Listen to Sam Krause April 22, 2013

Monday April 22nd 2015 1:00 PM EST (10  AM PST)  Healthy Sense of Self, Key to Better Relationships

Monday April 22nd 1 PM EST  Healthy Sense of Self or Nutrition Key to Better Relationships?
“A healthy Sense of Self is the backbone of the human psyche. Without it a person skips his/her own life all together.”
~Antoinetta Vogels

  • How is your relationship with yourself any given day?
  • What are the benefits of cultivating a Healthy Sense of Self?

A good life of your own (and a good night sleep no matter what!)  begins with having a true Sense of our Self; but how does one get it and keep it “healthy” for a lifetime?

Antoinetta Vogels is the Founder of HealthySenseOfSelf, and the Creator of the Sense of Self Method, a Self-help Program for people who want to get a good night’s sleep no matter what!  She also is the author of the soon to be published book Healthy Sense of Self- How to be true to your Self and make your world a better place!

Dr. Clive Pomeroy-Ward has been involved in nutrition for over 37 years and has developed a protocol that helps people sleep better the result of which is better health and longer life.

Join us when these two experts discuss general wellness, better health and sleep and, ultimately, longer life.

Please call in and ask Antoinetta and Dr. Clive the questions you need answered: (714) 202-9936

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