May 2013 be the Year you say Yes to your own Life!

It was the 27th of December when a message arrived that “shined bright” in my stream of updates on Facebook.

Here struck me a person who knew her Self. And shares it so graciously.

As we commence a new calendar year I offer this intention for us all to fully embrace getting in touch with our Sense of Self for the first time or go deeper in understanding the one we are aware of.

There is a great deal of wisdom in this end of year offering. What speaks to you?

May you find inspiration and courage to say yes to yourself and live your own life evermore this year.

Wishing everyone everywhere happy holidays, and a very Merry Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not! May we all love each other, see each other, hear each other, respect and honor one another. May we listen more and speak less. May we hug more and judge less. May we open to the insane amount of love we each possess and spread it madly, recklessly, with total abandon all over the place, and all over each other.

Fighting is a coward’s game, loving is for those who are strong enough and brave enough to make themselves vulnerable in a world where nothing is promised. It’s for those who decide to do the work to heal, no matter how challenging, because they understand not doing it is harder. May we start to understand relationships happen in the space between us, and may we realize that space is a gift, it’s such a shame to pollute it. May we grasp that the very best gifts we could ever give or receive are the gifts of presence, of time, of energy of compassion, and of love. May everyone recognize their own particular light to shine, and find the courage to get busy shining it. May we value peace over the need to be right. May we create a loving world around us by individually working on a loving world within us. May everyone have everything they need, including love, a shoulder to cry on, at least one person who truly sees them, and enough joy to develop laugh lines and not frown lines. May those who are suffering be supported, held, fed, hugged, and loved beyond measure. And may those who have been taken from us too soon know how loved they are.

Sending you so much love today, and every day. Peace to you and yours, Ally Hamilton


And who is Ally Hamilton?

Someone I hope will guest post for us from time to time! Meanwhile enjoy her TedX 
Talk on Hope from Inside Out:

We have so many wonderful things in store for the readers and followers of this site, this blog and the Mission of Healthy Sense of Self.

You are invited to stay tuned for writings and products that are all created with the hope they make it easier for you to embrace Your Sense of Self with open arms and loving acceptance.

From all of us at HySoS!


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