Antoinetta Vogels

Author - Educator - Founder


Antoinetta Vogels is the Founder & CEO of HealthySenseOfSelf™, LLC, creator of the Sense of Self Method, a Self-help Program for People who Want to Get a Good Night’s Sleep No Matter What!

In 2013, Antoinetta published her first book, Healthy Sense of Self- How to be True to Your Self and Make Your World a Better Place! Through HealthySenseOfSelf, LLC, Antoinetta offers education on what can go wrong with our relationship to the Self and others, when we are not acknowledged in early childhood as the autonomous person we truly are.

Born in the Netherlands right after World War II, Antoinetta clearly remembers her firm decision as a little girl that she had to do something to an end to war. It is her deepest desire to create a better world by inspiring people to work on improving their own lives.

Being an accomplished bassoonist in several renowned classical orchestras in the Netherlands for 18 years turned out to be the background Antoinetta needed to get the full understanding of her inner workings which formed the foundation of the SoS Method.

Shortly after becoming a mother, Antoinetta was suddenly wrought with mysterious onset of severe insomnia that led to early retirement from her musical career. Antoinetta’s journey began with the intention to determine the underlying cause of this predicament that plagued her for more than 25 years.

Through continuous introspection, self-observation, and research Antoinetta identified behavior patterns that ultimately led to developing the Sense of Self Method. She was able to correlate the importance of a healthy Sense of Self to successfully managing many physical, emotional, psychological, and social issues.

“A healthy Sense of Self is the backbone of the human psyche.
Without it a person skips his/her own life all together.”

“My passion lies in sharing with as many people as possible that a healthy Sense of Self is a crucial asset for people who want to live life to the fullest and that happy and independent people contribute to expanding peace in the world at large.”

Deborah Drake

Managing Editor & Evangelist

Authentic - Writing- Provoking

Deborah first met Antoinetta in March 2011 at the Weekly Writer's Support Group she facilitated for two and a half years, and in many ways continues to provide that same style of "INSPIRATION and SUPPORT and GENTLE ACCOUNTABILITY" in her roles as Managing Editor and COO to HealthySenseOfSelf. Her personal mantra is "Authentic Writing Provokes" and what she most enjoys is championing authentic Self-expression.

Deborah's contributions to the HealthySenseOfSelf mission can be found both behind the scenes and front and center. She enthusiastically serves as Writer, Editor, Managing Editor, and Evangelist for HySoS. In all her communication roles she is devoted to collaboratively, developing and coordinating projects related to product development, marketing outreach, building relationships and community, and evangelizing the benefits of the SoS Method. She brings a collective set of talents from 25 years in the inter-related fields of journalism, publishing, advertising, design communications, marketing and business development, professional development and training. She has big plans to put the best of everything she has learned to date into getting the word out and raising awareness with authenticity and compelling storytelling.

"What we can relate to personally, we can understand better, sooner, and more quickly and authentic writing ALWAYS provokes. My own immersion in the study of and writing about the Sense of Self Method has a positive daily impact on me--and my understanding of my true Self has been deepened by my close affiliation with Antoinetta and the HySoS team."

"We want people to have an approach to self-healing that first restores, then reinforces their Sense of Self, and one that works as a life-long resource that is with us at all points in time--as people, as partners, as parents, and as members of a larger community."


Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D.


Awareness - Love - Integrity


Alia and Antoinetta met at a local group studying Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth, in 2006. Antoinetta shared her vision about educating people about the importance of a healthy sense of self. Alia agreed this was crucial. In 2007 Alia agreed to help Antoinetta take the next steps in actualizing her vision.

Alia first helped Antoinetta get an English-language website up, based on the Dutch website and Antoinetta's diary recordings, and what emerged in their long, complex conversations. Then Alia helped turn that website material into a comprehensive book. At present she contributes marketing and organizational advice, and editing input to various written materials.

Alia’s background experience, personal traits, and interests are available at her website.

“There is hardly anything more important than whether we have a solid independent sense of being our real self, rather than feeling our existence depends on others' approval. Almost everyone can solve some of their problems and pains using the hard-won wisdom Antoinetta Vogels has gathered through years of suffering and more years of dedication to completely understanding herself, and perseverance through the work of bringing this wisdom to the world. I hope the many people who can benefit, will choose to do so.”

“As a minister, I see many people whose spiritual development is hindered because they have not completed the development of a normal healthy sense of self. They cannot evolve into a more spiritually-expanded sense of self which would enable them to be kinder and less violent."

So I feel called to help her work get out there to facilitate people's spiritual development. Also her work will break the vicious parent-child cycle which leads to an unhealthy sense of self, and therefore her work inevitably will lead to a more compassionate, caring world.”

Nora Tamada


Clarity - Enthusiasm - Laughter

Antoinetta brought Nora onto the HySoS team as an independent editor in November of 2013. Nora was drawn to working with Healthy Sense of Self as a worthwhile outlet for her desire to do something that impacts the world in a positive way. As a grammarian, she makes sure that written communication is clear and Antoinetta’s voice remains strong and consistent. As a humanitarian, she connects and flows with the HySoS message.

Nora has been a bookworm from the moment she learned to read. Her fondness of both books and grammar led her to pursue a degree in English and her interest in foreign cultures and new experiences inspired her to travel. Her editing career began in 2006 while she was living abroad, working as a teacher in Japan. She discovered a deep passion for editing during her years overseas, which prompted the decision to pursue an editing career upon her return to the States. Now residing in the Seattle area, Nora provides services to clients both locally and remotely. She specializes in preserving each writer’s unique voice, and helping them to grow and develop their skills. Nora has extensive nonfiction experience and enjoys working with memoirs, self-help projects, and academic texts. Within the realm of fiction, she edits everything from short stories to full-length literary novels, and she has a broad range of experience across multiple genres. As a lifelong lover of story and the written word, Nora’s passion is evident in her work.

“Positive change always starts with the Self, and helping others to develop their own Healthy Sense of Self indirectly makes the world a better place for us all.”

“You have to be willing to look at your Self and your past with honesty—remove all your filters and see the truth for what it is—before you can really deal with it and move forward as a happier, healthier person.”


David Innes


Communication - Grace - Good Humor


David was recruited by Antoinetta as a technical expert to rebuild the HealthySenseOfSelf website. His interest in adult education and personal development then led to his greater involvement within the company.

David keeps the website ready to communicate the HySoS message and to meet the company’s developing needs. He lends his expertise in technical support, instructional design, and years of experience in periodical, print, and online publishing.For more information about David and his web services business visit

“A Healthy Sense of Self is particularly important to me because over the years I've noticed that many of the problems people face in their personal and social lives derive not from lessons they learned as very young children that were wrong, but from lessons that were misunderstood and then never reconsidered in adulthood. The SoS Method is a very useful… well… method for replacing the substitute rules and "superstitions" we acquired before we had the capacity to develop and apply solid, consistent, and achievable values as adults.

“As an adult I made a commitment to make a difference in the world. I believe the Sense of Self Method can make a difference to many, many people. For that reason I'm proud and happy to help Antoinetta Vogels and her associates reach people who will find it makes a difference in their lives.