A message to each and every person in the world…

A person is like a kingdom or a system: physical, mental and emotional processes and happenings need to be brought in harmony within itself and with the outside world.

You are the ruler of your own system. Everybody has the right and the duty to be the ruler of that bit of “life” that has been given to him by the Universe following their own  conviction.

To be a good King or Queen of your Kingdom you need to have a Healthy Sense of Self, which makes you independent from the outcome of your actions or of what other people think of you.  Then, if we are a good manager of our own system  we will be able to live together without (Co-)Dependency.

If each one of us learns to be a good manager of our own system we live together in Inter-Dependency: we help and support each other and we mind our own business.

The paradox is that this is the one and only way to build a lasting great Community. This is the way to Peace in the World!

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