Mother’s Day Celebration with Healthy Sense of Self

Let’s start from the beginning.

Mother’s Day is a civil celebration in some countries of the world, celebrated in honor of the figure of the mother, motherhood, and the social influence of mothers. It was celebrated in pagan times, at the time of the Greeks and Romans, and was linked to the cult of female deities and symbols of fertility.

According to pagan tradition, this festival also marked the transition from winter to summer. With the advent of Christianity, the only anniversary dedicated to motherhood became that of the Mother of God, a sacred feast which, however, celebrated Our Lady.

What does the word “mom” mean?

There are many types of mothers: biological or not, sweet and severe, colorful and a bit crazy, sporty or elegant, frugal and luxurious . . .

You can’t have a stereotype for this irreplaceable parental figure because mothers are all different. A mother is actually simply that person who supports her children even if she does not always share their choices. She is the one who would make the world collapse on herself in order to guarantee joy and serenity in the heart of her child.

She is that woman who many times suffers in silence for the good of the family, always putting her problems after everything else. In a mother’s life, there is nothing more important than the life lived in joy and care of her child. Everything comes after the lights that illuminate the eyes and smiles of their children, which repay in a moment all the efforts made to raise them healthy and strong and for a mother are the maximum source of satisfaction.

Many times it can be difficult to be a parent since the immense love for children can be the reason to try to help them in everything and not let them (unconsciously) make their choices (even wrong) to spare them the pain. However, it must be understood that every child, even if part of the maternal soul, must decide for himself and walk his own path in the way he considers most appropriate and appropriate. Every mother should be able to be happy with every little goal reached by her child.

We are human and humans are also mothers so it is normal that in the long journey of life they also make mistakes; such as suffocating or making one’s own desires those of one’s children. Feeling like a fulfilled mother does not mean extending the child’s life as a continuation of one’s will and making sure that he makes the choices of a parent. We are all different beings and able to make the best decisions for ourselves, despite the fact that we are still bound by the thin but indispensable thread of maternal love.

This love must give strength and sustenance where possible without suffocating. The line between “loving too much” and “choosing over children” is thin but should always be well defined in the minds of every parent.

We celebrate this holiday by giving a flower, a hug, or even a simple kiss to those who are close to us every day. We give a sweet thought to all mothers who are no longer there but have left an indelible memory in our minds and hearts.

Happy Mother’s Day from Healthy Sense of Self!


Written by Mafalda De Vito


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