Motion sickness and a healthy Sense of Self – just painting a picture

2013-06-23 15.48.31How motions sickness can be caused by an inner void!
I used to be sick all the time, when sitting in the back seats of a car. Especially on a trip like we did today, under conditions we experienced today.

We visited the Kanhari Caves that are hidden at the end of a long road through Gandhi International Park in the north of Mumbai. The road from the hotel to the park was 45 minutes in the back of a taxi with a less than perfect suspense system. The traffic was dense and it was a continuous stopping and going; the driver’s style wasn’t one that was used to smooth traffic flow either and the inside of the car had a vague stench of oil. A trip like that used to be the perfect set-up for me to become nauseous and experience that hollow feeling in my stomach, preparation for thinking of how to avoid the disaster of having to lean out of the window for a sudden onset of vomiting.

This time though I was able to enjoy the ride fully and upon arrival on the site climb the stairs to the caves, among the multitude of people who were visiting the caves just like we did. “We are so lucky to have this place,” the Mumbai driver had confided to us. And in fact, we saw many people sitting and lying in the small ponds that surrounded the huge caves. It was sunny and hot, but it was Monsoon time so rain could start pouring at any given moment. We were lucky too that it didn’t do that: I don’t know what is worse to be soaked by the rain or from sweating.
But most of all I was so lucky that I had worked my way up to a healthy Sense of Self, so that I was able to fully enjoy the day.

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