New Year’s Eve is coming up and then onto 2014!

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An End of Year Message from HySoS Founder, Antoinetta Vogels

New Year’s Eve is coming up and then onto 2014!

It’s been an important year at HySoS and a life time of hard work is slowly turning to benefits and fun for me.

Getting something launched is a lot of hard work that is worth it! Gradually there is more time to partake in “normal life” and apply the theory and Method to what is out there in the world.

The ultimate goal for the Sense of Self concept that I developed after many years of deep introspection is that it be used every day to make one’s life all the better. My goal is to see the ideas of the Theory and Method translated into everyday language and implemented in our daily decision making.

I know all too well that it is not easy to make changes and realistic enough to see that HySoS can’t change the world straight away. But every decision that is made based on a person’s thorough awareness that he or she is a unique human being and has a right to exist “first and foremost as a person” helps to create the tipping point that we are aiming to cause.

Imagine what the world would look like if we were not dependent on each other in unhealthy ways for approval or validation.

I have created a new word that I will share with those of you who follow us.


Perhaps, you are reading the SoS Book (link) or you are following our blog posts on our website or are staying current through our Facebook pages.

Allow me to extend to you the HySoS wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2014. May you live this year in the light of not being dependent anymore, in any way or form, of


In appreciation,

Antoinetta Vogels

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