Note to Self: Please stop whispering. :)

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I follow a lot of online publications and bloggers for a whole variety of reasons. I follow some for education and others for entertainment.  I am a voracious reader as the writer I am.  Inspiration comes from both serious and funny perspectives.

The Chive is one of them I follow for pleasure, but a lot of times they are using humor to point out bigger life issues.  Yes, they poke fun at a lot of things, but if you read beyond the humorous presentation there are bits of wisdom to be gleaned.

Two days ago there was a post about the things kids say.  A tweet by one mom, Jenny Pentland,  first made me laugh and then kept me thinking.  If a tweet is telling a story in 140 characters or less then what is the story here?

I’ll let you make up your own.  I’m still chuckling as I imagine mom and son squaring off with a significant height difference between them. I’m making up that this young boy has had his own opinions and preferences for more than half his young life and he intends to keep it that way. Will he stop yelling? Will mom let him be free to speak loud knowing that this too may be a phase in his development of his most natural Self? I hope so.

I find myself thinking about the many versions of my own daughter that I have experienced since she was born in 2000. She’s now 15 and remains her own person.  Pink is no longer her favorite color, nor is aquamarine. We are in the blue phase. She still despises public speaking in front of classmates, but she’ll act and dance for anyone. She asks for help when she wants it and says “no thanks, I am good” when it is offered and she doesn’t want it. She’s yelled a lot at me in the last year only then to come to find me later for help with some homework. She’s my greatest teacher still…:)

Does it ever feel like you are spending your life whispering? Are you ready to set your Self free?

Any day is a good day to choose a style of expression that makes you feel free to be your Self.

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