Why some people never get depressed! Part 4 of 5

IV Depression Only Hits a Certain Group of People…Are you in that group? If so, here is what you can do about it?

This is part 4/5 and a continuation of the blog post “Why Some People Never Get Depressed,” a comment on e online BBC News Magazine of 1/31/2012 in which Geoff Watts asks: “Why do some people never get depressed?”  The last sentence of part three was:

… You can read more about this in the body of the method itself. But I hope you have gained some insight into what went on with me that led to my depression.

I promised to give you one bit of advice out of the array of tools and techniques I offer on my website to work yourself  up to a Restored Sense of Self: Learn to have a direct relationship with the things,  the people and your actions, in short with your life. I am well aware that this advice will be hard to follow if you do not know what I mean by a “direct relationship.”

One of the ailments that causes depression is that we are, what I call, indirectly motivated – driven by agendas (quests to get approval) hidden from ourselves, and not doing things for the normal, obvious, direct, motives. Some people are fully “present” to the things, people and actions in their lives. They do things for the normal reasons. They are the ones who “never get depressed!”

People can be roughly divided in two groups. One group has a Healthy Sense of Self. These are the people who are fully able to focus on what they are doing, who use their potential and have an overall sense of contentment. Then there are the people, the second group, who have a lack of Sense of Self and are dependent on the outcome of their achievements and on what other people think of them.

There is a lot of emotional turbulence going on in their lives, so they have trouble keeping their focus on the things they do; in fact their focus isn’t really on those things at all, not even on their own lives. They are obsessed with their Hidden Agenda. They only live for their Hidden Agenda, but they are not aware of it. Nobody else is aware of it either. For these people, nothing they do, say, or seem to experience is a true reflection of their inner life. In other words on a much deeper level their inner experiences are not aligned with the actual content of what is visible on the outside. But they do have their own hidden processes.

This fact is what ties right into Geoff Watts’ observation, and I quote: “ At one end you have people who are very vulnerable. In the face of quite low stress, or none at all, they’ll develop a mental health problem.” What this means is that we do not know and they don’t know themselves what is going on within the minds and emotional bodies of these people, but it has to be something, otherwise they wouldn’t develop a mental health problem. I suggest that no cause has been found because no one has thought to investigate whether these people lack a healthy Sense of Self!

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