Thought of the Day: Rebelle Society’s Alison Nappi, an open love letter to your inner child

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“To the child who could never understand why she was being hit by hands, words, ignorance… To the one who was told she was sinful, bad, ugly… To the one who didn’t fit. To she who bucked authority and challenged the status quo… To the ones whose dreams were crushed by adults whose dreams were crushed…To the child of light who cannot die, even when she’s choking in seven seas of darkness… You are holy. I love you. You are a miracle. Your life, your feelings, your hopes and dreams – they matter.

Somebody failed you but you will not fail. Somebody looked in your eyes and saw the sun – blazing – and got scared. Somebody broke your heart but your love remains perfect. Somebody lost their dreams and thought you should too, but you mustn’t.”

~ Alison Nappi Writer, Catalyst, Coach at Write with Spirit as published on Rebelle Society, “an open love letter to your inner child”

Please take a moment to read the entire original post by Rebelle Society contributor/Writer (and clearly Poet) Alison Nappi, whose regular contributions to Rebelle Society’s blog have my ongoing attention as a reader.  Then, comment, and share, and consider just how much we all deserve to have our very existence treasured and valued and celebrated.

Each person who wants to make a contribution in the world will write and speak and work their “magic”  with a voice that is their own,  We are pretty practical here at  Healthy Sense of Self and recognize that different people respond to different messaging.  And, we appreciate this expression made by one person on behalf of many others.

I will venture a projection: We all want to feel as though we are born on purpose and deserve to be valued even when we do something different than our parents or peers or society deems “preferred.”

May you have what it takes to be your SELF. Make your mark in your way. No excuses. Be like Nike and “Just Do It.”

May you use your very existence to the best of your ability.

Need support in doing that? We are here for that.


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