A picture can be worth 1,000 words, and sometimes a video can be worth 1000 pictures. Here is a collection of words, images, and videos that help illustrate the Healthy Sense of Self method.

Healthy Sense of Self Explained

This fresh animated video explains what it means to have a Healthy Sense of Self.

Enmeshment of The Layers of Self - Visual Aid

Legacy from Child's Modeling Clay Visual Aid from Antoinetta Vogels on Vimeo .

Building Blocks of The Self - Visual Aid

Legacy from Child's Building Blocks Visual Aid from Antoinetta Vogels on Vimeo .

Motivation Check Process

Introduction The underlying Motivation Check is a tool used in the SoS Method to create more self-awareness. The forms that are presented in this section of the HySoS website are for download purposes for the following people: Those of you who have...

Steps Towards Healing

My life and my body are mine. I experience my Self directly. I think for myself. I am present to the Here and Now. I see other people for who they are. My conversations occur to transfer information or just for the heck of...

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