Restore Your Sense of Self

You do not have to be afraid! There is no annihilation if you do not live up to your ego references because you ARE already. Becoming aware of that leads to a Healthy Sense of Self.  Only with a healthy sense of self you can be fully yourself.  Being fully yourself decreases or even eliminates a lot of the life issues we, people, have in this day of age: parenting-issues, addiction and relationships problems, anxiety, depression, violence, suicide, failure fear and even acts of war. Becoming aware that YOU already ARE and are not in need of whatever you perceive your need is, is one of the aspects of restoring your sense of self.

I used to tell myself that there is NO annihilation if you do not live up to your ego references.  Now I say there IS no annihilation if you do not realize your ego references because there IS no hidden goal anymore. I have poked through the hidden goal, eliminated it. The hidden goal was just because I thought I was unable to live without my parent’s approval, their smile, perceived love, acceptance, acknowledgement and respect.  But not getting that was not MY problem. It was THEIR problem. It was not because I was not okay, it was because they were not okay.

So you are okay too! Of course you have now inherited some neurosis. You can work on becoming aware of those and let them ease out. That’s what life is about anyway. Make a clean slate. De-clutter yourself so that the forces of the Universe can flow freely through you and manifest through your doing. That is your higher spiritual purpose.

There is no annihilation if you do not live up to the self-imposed conditions based on your early childhood survival strategy because you are already. You just need to Restore your sense of self by becoming aware that you already ARE.

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Have a good day and a good sense of self.

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