Six No-Fail Ways to Boost Confidence

The Key to Self-Confidence is in Your Hands

Key to Self-ConfidenceA few of us seem to be born with it, but for many of us obtaining it is very hard work. All in all, confidence is a trait that is, for the most part, learned.

There are a lucky few with an inherent sense of themselves who are able to maintain peace and confidence even when the world around them is in turmoil and chaos, but for the rest of us, it’s just not that easy.

Here are 6 ways to begin building confidence today:

1. Stand up straight.

It’s no secret that power positions can boost confidence. Maintaining good posture can have some pretty awesome effects on the brain. Check out this Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy for points on how power positions can increase confidence. Even just sitting with your back straight can contribute to a sense of confidence.

2. Dress well, even when you don’t feel like it.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, you’ve heard that when you look good, you feel good. Do yourself a favor on the days you feel most sluggish by pushing through and putting on something you always feel great in—even if it means spending an extra 5 minutes shaving your legs. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

3. Hug somebody.

No, seriously. Give someone you love a big squeeze to get a big confidence boost. HealthySenseOfSelfTM CEO Antoinetta Vogels writes that receiving physical affection “reinforces the development of a sense of well-being that gives us confidence in being in and with that body and helps us to (very subconsciously) recognize and accept it as “Me.”

4. Practice self-acceptance.

While self-esteem is not the same as self-confidence, loving and respecting yourself as an independent human being will lead to being more sure of yourself in everyday situations and tasks.

HEALTHYSENSEOFSELFTM Antoinetta VogelsAntoinetta Vogel’s Author’s Note:

Why does this not happen naturally for each individual? Here is the secret as to why it is not as easy as it sounds: many of us are fundamentally unable to really sense ourselves as being our own person. Many don’t know on a basic level that “You are (and own) your own body, mind & emotions – nothing more and nothing less.” Some only come to gain this insight (and the ability to practice self-acceptance) later in life.

“Imagine the differences that could be made, if we agreed, not only, that all people are born equal, but also that we all have the right and the duty to fully be ourselves…..It would enhance students’ self-confidence and development of their own tastes and opinions that would help them make healthier choices in life.” -Antoinetta Vogels

5. Develop your Sense of Self.

As Antoinetta mentioned, those with a Natural Sense of Self find no problem with being self-confident. The rest of us could certainly take to heart that we first need to strengthen our Sense of Self, then, self-confidence can and will come more naturally to us. Work to get maintain your sense of self (even when you feel ignored and invisible).

6. Investigate your Motivation.

Our motivation is not always as obvious as we think. Try breaking down why you do what you do. Note: this is not as easy as it sounds.

While working to build confidence, remember to be patient with yourself; developing any new habit takes time. We hope these simple tricks and tips will assist you in building your confidence as soon as possible.

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